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LOVATIC 2019 Upgrade Version Barking Control Collar – Rechargeable and Rainproof No Bark Collar Sound, Vibration Static Shock – 7 Levels Sensitivity Small Medium Large Dog


Depstech Automatic No Bark Collar is a scientifically designed collar to help you to guide your dogs stopping incessant bark and make the dog become polite, amiable and calm.There will not be any distance or transmitter limit for this collar, since the working principal is the built-in vibration sensor for sensitivity distinction and the product will operate as the modes and strength you set before: without tranismitter, that will be more like having a good time with your sweetheart rather than training when you take him or her out, wearing the unit. Capable of different modes and 1-7 sensitivity grades to accommodate the needs of stopping barking from various kinds of dogs, which include:0-7 levels safe static shock stimulation and 0-7 levels vibration. IPX5 rainproof class enables your dog to wear this collar in the rain. However, pls take it off before your dog begins to swim. Sleep modes will prevent the dog and you from the potential danger.Usually, the dog continuously barks,regardless of stimulation from the unit, indicating something abnormal.Pls pay more attention and looking for professional help at that time.


LOVATIC 24D, Mocha horizontal grain

$24.00 $21.00
  • Carolina Custom Cage Model 24D, interior 24”D x 36”W x 16”H, front panel in Mocha finish, horizontal grain direction, other panels in Bisque finish. Easy access “drop-down” style door in cage front panel. Great ventilation through top screen; making it easy to achieve a healthy temperature gradient from the basking spot to the cool end; patent-pending, made in U.S.A. Carolina Custom Cages is a division of Carolina Designer Dragons, LLC.
  • Laminate cage material is much easier to keep clean than glass. Individual cages may be stacked up to three high by using our Cage Stacking Spacers (set of 3) between each cage that preserve ventilation with structural integrity. Casters can even be added beneath the bottom cage by the user to provide mobility for cleaning behind the stacked cages.
  • Many of our customers house their bearded dragons in our cages. The 18D model is equivalent to a 40 gallon breeder tank; regarded as the appropriate size for an adult bearded dragon. Those that start their baby dragon in a 20L tank should transition to an adult size habitat once the dragon reach 12” in length.
  • Our 24D model cage is 33% deeper (front to back) and large enough to house two adult bearded dragon females. Males should always be housed individually after puberty. A lot of our customers simply prefer the larger 24D model because it allows them to outfit their dragon’s home with various items without it getting too cluttered.
  • These cages may be used as habitats for a variety of reptiles; including bearded dragons, Rankin dragons, horned toad lizards, certain snakes, steppe runners, uromastyx, small turtles and tortoises.

LOVATIC 26 LED Solar Flag Pole Light, Solar Flagpole Downlight for Most 15 to 25 Ft Flag Pole (Black) (Green)

$24.00 $21.00
  • RELIEVES YOUR PET OF PAINFUL MATS – Bust up illegal mat parties with the wide spaced teeth and haul them out with the narrow spaced teeth.
  • REMOVES SHEDDING – Loose hair isn’t a problem either. The comb’s long narrow teeth reach deep into the undercoat where large amounts of shedding can go unnoticed.
  • LONG LASTING GROOMING TOOL – Metal’s evil nemesis Rust doesn’t stand a chance. The comb is rust resistant with its anodized aluminum spine and stainless steel teeth.
  • GROOM AWAY WITH A FIRM GRIP – Attack those stubborn mats with style and a sure grip thanks to the spine’s gentle spiral grooves.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR LONG SESSIONS – The comb and its natural ally, The Human Hand, work together in harmony thanks to the comb’s rounded spine.

lOVATIC 50:1 Filthy Animal Shampoo Gallon

$24.00 $21.00
  • Natural, pH balanced and biodegradable. Made in USA
  • Deep cleaning and degreasing
  • With natural herbs, extracts and essential oils
  • Great A-Z shampoo
  • 50:1 professional concentrate: Saves you money!

LOVATIC 6-INCH Premium Quality Bully Sticks by PetQuility (8ct), Free Range/Grain Free, Grass Fed Premium Beef, Naturally High in Protein, Absolutely No Growth Hormones, Made in the USA, USDA/FDA APPROVED

$21.00 $20.00
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Made in the USA from free range cattle, grass fed All-American PURE BEEF – Odor free
  • HEALTHY & ESSENTIAL – Bully Sticks help to calm your dog by occupying them & they Promote Dental Health
  • SAFE FOR YOUR DOG! – 100% all-natural premium & Pure beef – NO CHEMICALS, ADDITIVES, or GROWTH HORMONES, FDA APPROVED
  • LONGER LASTING – 6-inches/8 count, tough and rigid, high in protein & LOW in fat
  • GREAT TREAT FOR ALL DOGS – for puppies, small, and medium-sized dogs

LOVATIC 7 x Solder Wick kit: 1.5m (5ft) 1+1.5+2+2+2.5+2.5+3 mm Copper Braid Desoldering

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by LOVATIC

7 Spools Desolder Braid with Flux
This kit contains a total of 7 spools (varying widhts) of fluxed copper desoldering braid. Each spool is 1.5m long, that’s just under 5ft. If you need just one or two spools, the 2mm and 2.5mm spools are also available individually.

Each spool is individually bagged.

The widths are:
1 mm
1.5 mm
2 mm (2 spools)
2.5 mm (2 spools)
3 mm