LOVATIC Flawless Electric Shaver for Women and Men’s Legs, Lips, Face with Cordless Electric Razors- Waterproof Hair Removal Device



Are you looking for a safe, efficient and fast treatment to remove all the unwanted hair on your body?

Are you looking for a new device which continuously adapts to your individual skin?

The LOVATIC Hair Shaver is the best choice to give to yourself and to your family.

Why should you choose The LOVATIC Hair Shaver?

– Easily and instantly sweep away unwanted hair.

– Experience a painless and more comfortable shave on your legs.

– Remove hair completely from face, arms, legs and other body areas.

How to use

Step 1: Remove the Protective Cover. Make sure the unit is charged before using.

Step 2: Push the Power Button, the light on the belly of the unit will turn on to show the unit is ready to use.

Step 3: Position the Lower Head against the skin, gently glide the shaver along the skin, make small circular motions to remove unwanted hair.