MONTAUR Dog Bark Collar – no Shock Vibration and Sound Humane Training Device for Small Medium Large Dogs – 7 Levels Sensitivity Adjustment – Best no Bark Control Collar


You consider your dog as a friend? You love this furry friend and would never hurt it?

Your dog’s barking every night makes you not sleep well? You want to help your dog stop this bad habit? With these reasons, you need the Humane Dog Bark Control Collar.

LOVATIC Dog Bark Collar – No Shock Vibration & Sound Humane Training Device for Small Medium and Large Dogs – 7 Levels Sensitivity Adjustment – Best No Bark Control Collar is an excellent solution that helps you eliminate excessive barking, keep the peacefulness in your neighborhood and be 100% safe for your dogs. The LOVATIC battery-operated collars use both sound and vibration to determine when the dog is barking. It is Humane & Safe for dogs of all sizes.

Newest and Powerful Bark Dog Collar

Stop barking with Lovatic NEWEST, MOST POWERFUL bark dog collar to date. It automatically detects and stops barking with special sound & vibration frequencies and works up to 7 Levels Sensitivity Adjustment. Moreover, this Dog Bark Collar is made of high quality, durable and safe materials so it is comfortable for your dog when it is put on.

How to Use Lovatic Dog Bark Collar

1. Adjust the sensitivity level of the bark with the help of the easy buttons “+” and “- “

2. A warning sound will follow your dog’s first and second bark.

3. If your dog barks a third time, wireless no shock collar will meet the warning sound and vibration.

4. The intensity of the vibration will be maintained until the 7th bark.

5. Turn on sleep mode, dog training collar will stop working for 1 minutes.


The adjustable strap of this Lovatic Dog bark collar with 7 Levels Sensitivity Adjustment is made of durable nylon reflective material.

This dog bark collar comes with 2 different colors that allow you to choose the favorite color fitting the best to your dog.

Our dog barking collar is 100% rainproof which allows you to walk or train your dog in any weather even in wet weather



  • HUMANE, HARMLESS, EFFECTIVE: This dog bark collar effectively reduces your dogs barking without causing him/her any pain or distress. Using a progressive high frequency ultrasonic sound and vibration painless stimulus with 7 levels sensitivity adjustment and sleep mode, it helps to control your dogs barking and train your dog in a painless way. This will help your furry friend understand quickly that he/she just needs to stop barking to get rid of the irritating sound and vibration alike.
  • INTELLIGENT CHIP AND UPGRADE DESIGN VERSION: After using dog bark collar for small medium and large dogs, we have upgraded chip with 7 adjustable sensitive levels which can be customized for any breed of dogs. Only your dog sound will trigger the smart sensors which are not affected by another dogs barking. Moreover, Using the sleep mode allows the collar to automatically stop working to SAVE BATTERY lifetime when it is not needed to use.
  • FLEXIBLE SIZES FOR YOUR FURRY BABY – EVEN THE SMALLEST ONES: Small, Medium or Large dog; Indoor or Outdoor; Stubborn breed; Labrador Retriever German Shepherd Bulldog Beagle Terrier Poodle or Chihuahua; No problem. The bark collar is deal for almost any size dogs from 15lbs to 110lbs, but it also takes effect on the big buddies up to 150lbs. Besides, the strap is made from durable materials, so your dog will hardly notice it as well as assure maximum comfort for your dogs.
  • WATERPROOF LED CLIP ON PET SAFETY LIGHT: Lovatic offers each purchase a Waterproof Spot Dog Light which is responsible for increasing your dog’s safety and visibility. With the design of 3 flashing modes: fast, steady and slow and included battery, the Bark Control Collar and the Spot Light attached will be perfect for your beloved dog.
  • TIPS FOR USE: To get the best results of using the Dog bark collar, we suggest customers choosing the most suitable adjustment for your dogs, not too tight or too loose. Moreover, do not leave the collar on the dog for more than 6 to 10 hours, check the battery weekly, keep the collar dry and take notice if the dog keeps barking because of thieves, dangers or natural disasters.