LOVATIC French Press Coffee Maker & Burr Grinder Bundle, Stainless Steel Double Walled Brewer & Manual Conical Grinder – 8 Cups – by Venoly

$24.00 $21.00

ENJOY A GOOD CUP OF JOE Is a cup of joe a favorite part of your morning routine? Do you love waking up to the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans? Is this talk making you crave a smooth, rich cup of coffee? Venoly’s French Press Coffee Maker is just for you! This product is designed for your maximum enjoyment and comfort. The stainless steel exterior and interior with double wall insulation keeps coffee or tea hot even for long periods of time. We threw in replacement filters and a plastic coffee measuring spoon for your added convenience. WHY FRENCH PRESS? Don’t just make coffee, make it right. We know that you have discriminating taste when it comes to coffee. Pricey Coffee shop brews won’t cut it, and the watery instant versions make you want to spit more than swallow. French Press is the way to go. With French Press, the water comes in direct contact with the coffee grinds, without the essential oils and mineral getting filtered out as they would in a drip or pour over method. This allows for added flavor and a better tasting brew. EASY TO USE While this produces luxury tasting coffee, it is made easy enough to be used by even novices, and it is practically foolproof! This coffee press is rust proof, break proof, and dishwasher safe for easy clean up. Make this part of your daily routine. It’s easier, quicker, and less expensive than your local coffee shop. Save time and money while enjoying a luxury coffee taste! This is simple to use with 4 easy steps: 1) Add coffee grinds/tea leaves 2) Add water 3) Push the plunger 4) Pull the plunger 5) Pour and enjoy! PRODUCT FEATURES: • Double Wall Stainless Steel • Double Screen to Prevent Leftover Coffee Grinds • Stylish Mirror Finish • Two Replacement Filters • Bonus Plastic Measuring Spoon • 8 Cup • Manual Grinder with Brush Included



  • NO COFFEE GRINDS: Enjoy sipping a smooth, rich cup of coffee from a professional grade manual grinder and French Press with double screens that keep leftover coffee grinds out of your mug.
  • THE CONNOSOIR’S CHOICE: French Press and manual grinders are the for the coffee enthusiast who will not settle for instant or pour over. Enjoy fine, fresh flavor with this vaunted brewer.
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Double walled insulated stainless steel keep your freshly brewed coffee hot to the sip, while the coffee press itself remains cool to the touch for added safety.
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES: Included for your convenience are 2 replacement filters and a plastic measuring spoon. This coffee make has everything you need for your morning beverage.
  • INCLUDES MANUAL GRINDER: This conical bean crusher has a stainless steel body, and a cermaic burr. With 18 grind settings, you pick if you want it fine or course, and it comes with a brush.