LOVATIC French Press – Coffee Press – French Press Coffee Maker – French Press Kit Set – Tea Press – Cooper French Press Glass – Best Cafetiere Coffee Plunger – 4 Filters and Coffee Spoon

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Start your morning with the French Press Coffee Maker by Big Panda Chef!

Our cafetiere coffee maker press has already made happy thousands of lovers of really tasty and flavor coffee or tea. High quality standards of a metallic stainless steel body and double German glass is what distinguishes our product from the others.

Such French Press Kit will considerably easy the process of making tea or coffee. That is why if you hurry for a work or friends make a visit to you, French Press set will help you quickly make a flavor drink and don’t lose time or distract from the conversation. Use it for coffee, green tea press or any other favorite drinks!

Only 5 simple steps and all is done! The first step

  1. Remove press coffee plunger from the glass carafe and put it aside. Place a necessary amount of tea or coffee into the glass carafe and pour hot water. You should consider that various types of tea or coffee require different water temperature. However, a firm glass will stand any water temperature if used correctly.

The second important step

  2. In a set you will find a special spoon, which will help to stir easily brewed tea leaves or coffee beans.
Please do not pot boiling water into french press glass! 

It has never been so easy to make a perfect tea or coffe cup with our press coffee maker!

3. Now take the coffee plunger and carefully insert it into the glass carafe. Slowly move it down holding its handle to press tea leaves or coffee. Such mechanism prevents small tea or coffee pieces from getting into the french press coffee mug.

4. Carafe volume is 1000 ml or 32 oz, which means that making tea or coffee one time you get 4 big mugs or 8 small espresso cups!

5. With our coffee press kit  You can serve the drink as it is or with a tasty dessert. Your guests will appreciate it if you make something yourself. And our compiled recipes by the best baristas and chefs of the world, which included to our product, will help you in doing that.


  • BEST FRENCH PRESS ON THE MARKET – coffee press made of a 304 stainless steel, has unique Cooper French press design and Heat Resistant German glass. To start morning cheerily or to serve your friends with a tasty drink – French press coffee maker is the right choice!
  • GREATE FOR PRESS COFFEE or TEA PRESS – press coffee maker performs 3 functions: preserves heat, presses coffee beans or tea leaves with coffee plunger to make better taste and prevents small particles from getting into cafetiere.
  • THE FRENCH PRESS KIT – French press set include 2 Bonus Filters, Coffee Measuring Spoon, Manual of Use and E-Book recipes!
  • RANGE OF USE – this large French Press bundle carafe can be used as a Coffee or Tea Press Pot and it is the best way to prepare coffee, tea, iced tea, hot chocolate, fruit drinks, any kind of milk, plant tinctures, lemonades, rinse Quinoa and much more!
  • LIFE-TIME WARRANTYY – We’re 100% sure in a French press glass quality and provide the life-time warranty!