LOVATIC Fullsexy No Bark Collar for Dogs – Extremely Effective No Bark Collar with No Pain or Harm, 7 Different Bark Sensitivity Levels, Bark Collar for Small Medium and Large Dogs.

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Manufactured by LOVATIC 

Sometimes your dog will be very violent, continuous barking, barking is a completely natural dog behavior, it is the dog’s language. But do you love your dog and never hurt it? Well, of course, you need it.

This is one of the most effective and user-friendly barkless collars available. As long as your dog barks, the collar will evoke a kind of sound, slight vibration or harmless vibration to stop the dog barking.
If the dog does not stop buzzing, the vibration/vibration becomes more intense and the tone becomes louder but still does not harm the dog.


1. Light and compact, stylish, easy to use
2. Train dogs using sound and vibration patterns
3. The first two triggers are only audible warnings, and the third one starts with a slight vibration
4.7 file sensitivity adjustment, can be adjusted according to the size of the dog’s voice
5.1 4LR44 6V battery
6. If no effect, or how to call no effect, please adjust the sensitivity to appropriate
7. When the snagger is low, please replace the battery as soon as possible, otherwise the choke device will not function properly.
8.ABS material

Packaging includes

1* Stopper
1* instructions
1* nylon belt
4*stopper contact (2 long 2 short)
1*6V 4LR44



Manufactured by LOVATIC 

  • The latest technology chip: built-in smart barking detection chip. When the dog is calling, the first two triggers are only voice warnings, and the third one starts with a slight vibration.
  • Very effective: 7-step sensitivity adjustment, can be adjusted according to the size of the dog’s voice. It only needs to stop buzzing to eliminate irritating sounds and vibrations.
  • Widely used: Whether your dog is a Corgi or a bigger Golden Retriever, our collar is designed for them. The adjustable length ensures the maximum comfort of the dog, and the sound and vibration stimulation will certainly attract their attention.
  • No interference trigger: The dog collar will not react to the bark of other dogs and avoid any abnormal hum and vibration. It only reacts when your dog calls
  • Usage suggestion: In order to obtain the best use effect, we recommend that customers adjust the collar properly, not too tight or too loose. Do not put the collar on the dog for more than 5-10 hours. Check the battery once a week to make sure the battery is fully charged