LOVATIC Snap Trap Rat and Mouse Traps: 6 Pack of Safe Powerful Easy Set Reusable Rodent and Mice Killer Traps – Humane Quick Kill Pest Control with Bait Plug

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Manufactured by LOVATIC 

Cannon Pest Control is proud to offer you our easy-set rat and mouse traps. These large, reusable mouse traps are perfect for anyone looking to rid their home, apartment, or place of business of vermin and voles of all sizes. The safe, easy to arm traps combine the power and effectiveness of traditional spring loaded traps with the safety and ease of modern capture and release designs.

Our durable and reusable traps are perfect for permanently eliminating pesky rodents and disease carrying mice and rats. The powerful spring loaded trap instantly kills vermin without messy glues or sticky trays. Unlike poison traps our reusable snap traps pose no risk to young children or pets and are more effective than electronic zap traps.

Each trap features an easy to remove bait tray. This small plug allows you to load the bait plug with peanut butter or cheese with no risk to your fingers or hands. Simply unscrew the small plug, bait the trap, insert plug back into the base and arm the spring. No more fumbling with bait while trying to arm your trap.

Our snap-trap design features the most sensitive triggering mechanism available allowing you catch the most cunning of mice and rodents. The cleverly engineered design allows you to catch, kill, cover, and dispose of vermin instantly. The powerful spring and serrated jaws make for a quick and painless end to your rodent infestation.

Our durable ABS plastic mousetraps are built to last and feature a BPA free plastic design and stainless steel spring. The reusable traps are easy to clean and can be used time and again in the event of seasonal infestations or long term pest prevention.
– 6 Pack OF Heavy Duty Snap-Traps
-Includes Removable Bait Tray
– Strong Serrated Teeth
– Powerful Easy To Arm Spring Loaded Trap

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Manufactured by LOVATIC 

  • EASY SET SNAP TRAPS: Large reusable one touch mouse traps eliminate and repel rodents of all sizes
  • POWERFUL RODENT KILLER: Reusable trap for mice & rats is more effective than electric or glue traps
  • REMOVABLE BAIT TRAY: Unique bait plug allows you to arm the baited trap with no risk to your fingers
  • SENSITIVE MOUSE TRAP: Catch kill and cover vermin instantly with the powerful spring & serrated jaws
  • SANITARY PEST CONTROL: Durable enclosed ABS plastic mousetraps are easy to clean and built to last