LOVATIC Stainless Steel Strainer Spaghetti Rice Pasta Colander | Micro Mesh 5 & 1.5 Quart Fruit and Vegetable Washing Bowls | By OMECORE (Set of 2)

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Manufactured by LOVATIC

OMECORE spaghetti strainer and rice washer colander stainless steel is made with you in mind – easy to use, simple to clean, dishwasher safe.

Our fine mesh strainers are designed with very small perforations from top to bottom to keep your food inside and let the water out rapidly.  It will not clog or let your food sit in water.​

Now with a small (1.5 quart) and large (5 quart) size colander stainless steel included, you can select the size you need when cooking!

Sturdy Micro Perforation Fine Mesh Colander Stainless Steel Strainer

  • Perforations from top to bottom of this colander means you never have to tip strainer to get the water out.
  • No puddle of water at the bottom of our colanders.
  • The tiny holes in the base facilitates water to drain quickly and easily.
  • The pedestal base gives it a lift for the water to seep through with ease.


Rinse our spaghetti strainer in warm soapy water or run through dishwasher.

Beautiful Fine Mesh Strainer Vegetable Basket

OMECORE fine mesh strainer colander has a sturdy pedestal base that holds the strainers up high enough that water drains fast and easily leaving your food clean.

Wash your fruits or vegetables and displays it in style on your kitchen countertop or table.

Get Creative with our Food Strainer

  • Our food strainers are versatile.
  • Drain cooked rice, vegetables, spaghetti, pasta, legumes; clean garden veggies or rinse fruits.
  • Can even be used to strain homemade jellies or as a rice washer strainer.  
  • Our rice washing bowls and pasta strainers have durable double handle that makes it easy to hold.

OMECORE Spaghetti Strainer Colander Stainless Steel baskets can be used daily, when cooking for the family, at barbecues or other cook-out events.



Manufactured by LOVATIC

  • STAINLESS STEEL STRAINER COLANDER – Drains water quickly and easily; the holes are so tiny that small grains will not fall through the perforations of these colanders and water will not settle at the bottom; making it easy and convenient to use
  • HIGH QUALITY RICE WASHER – We’re a New York based company and we know you demand professional quality; our strainers are made strong with solid steel, rust resistant material; has a sturdy pedestal base to lift the bottom from the counter so you will not need to tilt the strainer to drain water
  • SPAGHETTI, FRUIT AND PASTA BOWL STRAINERS – Imagine a pasta strainer that can be used for fruits, spaghetti, rice, vegetables, legumes that no kitchen can do without; allows you to quickly get your washing done; can even be used to strain homemade jellies, or help with steam vegetables; our 5 Quart and 1.5-quart colanders will soon become your favorite kitchen tools for any size cooking task you need
  • EASY TO USE KITCHEN TOOLS – At OMECORE we believe in making everyday cooking life easier and more fun; whether it’s for preparing your pasta or rice, cleaning your fruits or vegetables, we want to help you do that safely, easily and quickly; We’re real people who use our own products daily; We expect the best for our family and want the same for yours; for cleaning, you can simply rinse in warm soapy water or run through your dishwasher
  • GUARANTEE – We want you to be happy with your stainless steel 5 quart and 1. 5 quart colanders from OMECORE, so we offer a 100% hassle free refund warranty. Simply return it for a full refund. ADD A COUPLE OF SETS TO YOUR CART NOW – One for You and One for a Friend


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