LOVATIC Super Pet CritterTrail Value Pack (#4, fun-nels tubes – 1 ”Tee”, 1 dome and 8 rings – 1 long tube, 1 short tube, 3 elbows)

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  • ? EFFECTIVE: Studies show that 80-85% of dogs stop barking in just one week after using our barking collars, 10-15% of dogs stop within the first two weeks.
  • ? SAFETY & WARRANTY: Our anti-bark collar is a humane bark collar with a durable buckle closure that complies with ECA safety requirements. Our no bark collars last a minimum of two years, and we provide a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. We also provide refunds within 30 days of the purchase date.
  • ? UNIVERSAL SIZE: Dog barking collar is suitable for all kinds of dogs: small, medium, large. Lenth is regulated from 5 to 19 inches.
  • ? FAST CHARGE: Only 1 hour, and your anti-barking collar is fully charged via USB with your computer, car charger adapter, phone charger, or power bank.
  • ? 100% WATERPROOF: No need to take off the anti barking collar on rainy days or while bathing or swimming.


❓Why do you need anti-bark collar StopWoofer? There is a number of dog behavior related problems, which are simpler, faster and more efficiently solved with the help of an anti-barking collar: ⦁ Endless barking while on a walk; ⦁ Barking and howling when your dog sees other dogs; ⦁ Howling when your dog is left alone in the house; ⦁ Whining to make you show pity. Dog barking collar helps you to keep calm without causing any problems to your pet’s health. ❗ Attention ⦁ Before using anti bark collar in activated mode let your dog become comfortable wearing it for about 2-3 hours. ⦁ Dog bark collar should be right in the middle of your dog’s neck and be fastened tightly. ⦁ Every dog needs individual settings of the bark collar. ❓Frequently Asked Questions Question 1: Anti-bark collar activates while my dog just shakes it’s head and doesn’t bark. How is this possible? Answer: Anti-bark collar activates because it reacts to friction appearing when your dog shakes it’s head or tries to remove the collar. What to do: Step 1: Lower the sensitivity level of the StopWoofer by pressing the “S” button. Step 2: Adjust the collar’s position on your dog’s neck (should be right in the middle) and fasten the collar tightly. Question 2: My dog barks but the anti-bark collar doesn’t activate. How do I fix it? Step 1: Charge your bark collar completely (the red light stops blinking while fully charged). Step 2: Elevate the sensitivity level of your StopWoofer by pressing the “S” button. Step 3: Adjust the collar’s position on your dog’s neck (should be right in the middle) and fasten the collar tightly.