LOVATIC CP1.1/8 Electronic and Ultrasound-Insects, Mosquitoes, Mice, Spiders, Ants, Rats, Roaches, Bugs Control-Eco Friendly Product Ultrasonic Pest Repellent 6 Packs-Indoor Plug, White

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Material: Plastic

Best Safeguard for Your House and Your Family against Rodents and Insects with LOVATIC Advanced Ultrasonic Pest Repellent! When harmful pests attack your beloved house, you will need them to go quickly. However, while there are kids or pets in your house, you cannot use harmful substances or poison spray or traps to eliminate the pests. Therefore, LOVATIC Pest Repellent is created, using cruelty-free ultrasonic waves to shoo the pests away.

Tips for users:

We recommend to plug in Ultrasonic Pest Repellent horizontally and 10-15 inches away from the counters or floors so the ultrasound can strike pests. The installing location should be far from carpeting, drapes, or audio devices. Too low or too high pressure may reduce the effectiveness of this device. Only plug LOVATIC ultrasonic pest repellent into the AC 220 V (or 110 V) power outlet. (Power array: AC 90 V-250 V, Frequency: 50-60 Hz)

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  • QUICK AND EFFECTIVE RESULT IN ONE WEEK: LOVATIC applies new powerful Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic technology to induce away all sorts of insects, rodents, rats and spiders effectively. Most clients notice immediate results in only 7-10 days. In certain extreme cases, it may take up to 21 days to determine complete results.
  • SAFE FOR HUMAN AND ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: This pest repellent uses specific ultrasonic frequencies in which only insects, bugs and pests can identify and make them scramble to find a way out of your house. LOVATIC contains no odor or any insecticide components, and It is 100% non-toxic .
  • LARGE COVERAGE AND WIDE USAGES: Each LOVATIC Ultrasonic Pest Repellent can cover up to 1200 sq. ft. Plug in more for large and open spaces to have better protection for your furniture, pets and your house.
  • FREE MAINTENANCE FEE: Being plugged into the power sockets, the pest repellent will instantly shoo away harmful pests without any mess or odor. No battery will be needed, which will save you a great deal of replacement.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Within 60 days of usage, in case there is any inconvenience or our ultrasonic pest repellent doesn’t work like it supposes to, then you will get a 100% refund.