LOVATIC ZMax Case, [Clear / Frost] Slim & Flexible Crystal Silicone TPU Skin Cover for ZTE ZMax


Manufactured by LOVATIC

Most silicone cases are extremely light weight and rubbery; this is where this CLEAR crystal silicone TPU case differs. A merge between highly durable hard materials that you find in many electronics packaging and silicone for it’s flexibility and slightly opaque sheen. Together these elements give your phone, the best possible protection and grip for your ZTE ZMax without having you to sacrifice style.


Manufactured by LOVATIC

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material fuses the flexiblity and softness of silicone with the hard protection of plastic.
  • High quality, slim fit case molds to fit your phone without covering important buttons and ports.
  • Rubberized, matte finish slides easily in and out of pockets without gathering lint and dust.
  • Firm enough to protect from scratches and drops, soft enough to conform to every nook and cranny of your ZMax.
  • Vibrant Clear / Frost color enhances the look of your phone without making it bulky and burdensome.