LOVATIC 2-in-1 Multi-Purpose Grooming Tool for Pets

$30.00 $15.95

Manufactured by: LOVATIC

LOVATIC multiple-purpose grooming tool has a great swivel head design with the rake on one side and the REPLACEABLE and reversible de-shedder blade on the other side. Both the rake and de-shedder heads are made from quality stainless steel. LOVATIC was developed by pet professionals. So, unlike brushes that can break coat hair, leaving it brittle and uneven in appearance, LOVATIC easily grabs and removes loose hair from a pet’s undercoat. Use the rake brush to quickly and safely remove any remaining hair. LOVATIC is perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes. New reversible de-shedder blade is a proven, century old patented curry comb which significantly reduces shedding in dogs and cats. Tool head rotates 90 degrees for easy use of either brush. Comes with our limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. We are that confident in our product. Use the unique, alternating rake pin head design to loosen the undercoat; then remove loose coat hair with the handy flip-over curry comb head to maintain your dog or cat’s beautiful coat-leaving only the shiny, healthy portion of the top coat behind. Our unique de-shedder blade is reversible with a gentle (flat) side and a firm (angled) side. The blade is packaged with the gentle side ready to use. The gentle side is ideal for shorter hair dogs and cats. To change sides: simply unscrew the blade, turn it around and secure with the screws.



Manufactured by: LOVATIC

  • Reversible stainless steel de-shed blade
  • Rake brush removes undercoat and stray hair
  • Ergonomically designed handle


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