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LOVATIC Kitchen Stainless Knife Sharpener – 2 Stage Diamond Coated Wheel System Sharpening with Ceramic Rod – Ideal Kitchen Assist for Dull Steel, Chefs and Pocket Knives – Safe & Easy to Use

$16.45 $12.45

Time is precious and the meal is important, too. Don’t waste too much your time preparing meals with the dull knife set. We- LOVATIC is here to provide you with the best stainless appliance set- Lunatic knife sharpener.

Our product is designed with 2 knife sharpener wheels in the system. The first wheel is called COURSE coated with diamond. It is tilted at a slight angle to shape your dull knife into a double edge end. The second one on the tool sharpening system is a ceramic wheel system named FINE. This wheel band is to hone the knife and repair any imperfections from your edge and even polish the sharpening tools from the COURSE.

Our ceramic sharpening tool is suitable for sushi knife, serrated knife, chef’s knife, diamond knife, steel knife, duct knife, bakers’ knife, fillet knife, tactical knife, kitchen scissors, quality knife set, etc. It is noted that sharpening system is removable, so you can adjust the head as suitable for both right-handed and left-handed. Especially, we always put the safety of our customers on top priority, so our kitchen sharpener is designed with a non-slip base to keep your safety, and the holding section is completely separated from the knife sharpener system.

LOVATIC Kittyblock


Manufacturer by LOVATIC

The Kittyblock is more than a cat scratcher. It’s a sense of security, a confidence builder, a place for your feline to call home. It speaks to a quiet sophistication and fits many interior design settings. Unabashedly over-engineered to stand the test of time. Arrange Kittyblocks to create a true kitty-scratching paradise.

LOVATIC Kodiak Pro 74203 26-Inch 3 Drawer Intermediate Chest


Manufactured by LOVATIC

The LOVATIC  Tool Storage system is ideal for the professional mechanic or the do-it-yourselfer looking for a tool storage system capable of supporting all the tools necessary for any type of repair. This tool storage system is composed of 3 units that can be used independently, or as a combo. This tool storage unit offers many of the quality features you expect to find on higher-priced equipment, at an affordable price. Heavy-duty construction makes this stylish storage chest appropriate for a variety of applications, both at home and in the most demanding professional environments.


LOVATIC Kuchenprofi Classic Square Professional Ladle in 18/10 Stainless Steel, 13-1/4-Inch

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by LOVATIC 

Founded in Solingen Germany by Artur Schmitz in 1923, the story of Kuchenprofi is one of dilligence, innovation and refinement. Early on, Kuchenprofi realized the need for affordable functional tools that make the kitchen more efficient and more enjoyable. The name of Kuchenprofi reflects strength, quality and functionality demanded by chefs around the world. Kuchenprofi made for professionals, now available to anyone passionate about cooking. Thanks to the square shape of Kuchenprofi’s Professional Ladle, you can scoop and pour in any direction, from any angle, left- or right-handed. Great for serving soups and stews, filling muffin tins, ladling custard into small ramekins. Reaches into the corner of square pans to ladle out every last drop! Ergonomically-designed stay-cool handle doubles as a hanging loop. Crafted of 18/10 stainless steel for a lifetime of service. Dishwasher safe. 4 oz. capacity, 13-1/2-inch long.


LOVATIC Lambow bioDOGradable Dog Waste Bags

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by LOVATIC 

We are proud to offer our new generation bioplastic product in an effort to eliminate the use of trillions of plastic bags each year. Made with natural and renewable resources, our certified compostable dog waste bags promote minimized environmental pollution and improved sustainability.

Our mission is to support pet waste disposal efforts in the most sustainable approach which results in a positive momentum towards healing our planet. We strive to make a difference in the life you live, with the pets you love.

Also note that our product bioplastic dog waste bags are certified by OK Compost, OK HOME Compost as per EN 13432 (European Standard), for compostability and biodegradation. Our product is also certified as biobased by USDA.

Made with natural and renewable resources, we like to meet ecologically efficient demands at the same time as meeting current demands of global crisis. We strive to help eliminate environmental pollution in every community throughout the world. A new generation dog poop bags to save environment which are an alternative to plastic bags and ideal as pet supplies for dog lovers.


LOVATIC Large Hanging Bird Feeder Nature Anywhere – Gift Edition Removable Tray, Birdseed Air Circulation & Beautiful Packaging. The World’s Most Advanced Bird Feeder.

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by LOVATIC 

The most fun and advanced bird feeder can now be yours!
Nature Anywhere is proud to present a bird feeder that has taken the country by storm: EASY FEEDER.

The EASY FEEDER is an innovative bird feeder that was designed to make feeding more fun for you and healthier for your birds:
Sliding Tray: The removable tray makes cleaning and feeding super-easy. No need to remove the whole feeder. Simply slide the seed tray out, refill and slide back in.

Air Circulation System:The bird feeder includes a patented air circulation system designed to combat mold, keep the seed fresh and your birds healthy.

Interchangable Hook and Hoop:The EASY FEEDER can be hung by a hook or hoop. You choose according to your needs!

Premium Quality Materials: Like all Nature Anywhere products, the EASY FEEDER is made with premium quality, UV resistant plastic glass, and top quality stainless steel. This is a feeder built to last!


LOVATIC Le Dogue Mini Dog Paw and Bone Silicone Baking Tray Molds with Healthy Recipe Booklet, For Puppy Treats, Cookies and Ice Cubes, Food Grade Silicone

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by LOVATIC 

When store bought treats aren’t good enough, you need Le Dogue!

Store bought brands are filled with ingredients that I can’t pronounce, let alone understand! Why should I be feeding this to my dog? I shouldn’t and neither should you!

With Le Dogue you can make sure your dog gets the very best by baking their treats with love, at home!

Our molds are made of the highest grade silicone, produced to FDA standards and our recipes are not only easy to make but your dog will go crazy for them as well!

Whether you prefer Seedy Dog Treaty or Blueberry Bones Forever our dog treat recipes will leave your dog begging for more! Best of allthese recipes are chocked full of healthy ingredients that your dogs should be eating! No other mold set offers you that!

Other molds sets only give you 10 or 15 paws or bones per set and don’t provide any recipes. Our mold set allows you to make 20 paws and 24 bones at the same time! And we provide the healthiest, easiest and tastiest recipes so that you can get baking in no time!

Our family business started when we realized our dog Susie had all sorts of food allergies and store bought treats just weren’t good enough for her. So we researched, tested and developed recipes that are based around what your dog should eat and designed our molds to make producing these treats even easier.

We have put a lot of time and love into designing our molds and our customers notice our devotion. That is why we are the only dog mold set with a 5 star review average!

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LOVATIC LEDNovelty President Donald Trump Stuffed, Plush CHEW Toy Doll Pets Dogs, Cats People.

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by LOVATIC 

YOUR SIDES WILL SPLIT WITH LAUGHTER as your pet grabs this awesome President Donald Trump Chew Toy. Pets love this shaking it, throwing it, tossing it to other pets, wrestling over it, and most of all TEARING IT TO PIECES. Cats are thrilled when you tie a string to the character’s foot and drag him around the room. Better than a real mouse!

THIS TOY IS VERY REALISTIC with the famous Canary Yellow Hair, Blue Suit (with cash stuffed in the pockets), Red Tie, Yellow Dollar Socks, Black Shoes, and famous facial expression. Everyone who sees this toy will start to chuckle. The realism combined with a pet chew play toy is a stroke of delightful genius.100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a no-risk purchase. Many customers love this so much they return to buy a 2nd or 3rd Trump Chew Toy. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this remarkable novelty toy in stock. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers – anyone with a pet and sense of humor!


LOVATIC Lexar 32 GB JumpDrive High Speed USB Flash Drive (Green) 2-Pack (64 GB Total)

$20.00 $18.00

Manufactured by LOVATIC 

Available to: Repel mice, rats, spiders, bedbugs, roaches, mosquitoes, ants, moths, fleas, flies, bugs,etc.
– 100% Safe for Kids, Gravidas & Pets:the electrical pest repeller solves pest problem in a physical way, without using chemicals, poisons,sprays or traps.
– Easy to Use: just plugs the mosquito repellent in a socket. No more trap setting, No need to change baits every night, humane pest control does not result in any dead rodents to discard.
– Wide Application: the fly repellent can be plugged house, office, restaurant, garage, warehouse, basement, etc.
– Nightlight Feature: the ant repellent provides a soft glow in the dark.

LOVATIC Lifepul(TM Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Double Bowls for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets with Anti-Spill Non-Skid Bone Silicone Mat, Black 24 Oz


Manufacturer by LOVATIC

◊Unique Anti-Skid design:

  • The silicone bone bottm is light but weight enough on it to help the bowls stay in place.Even on smooth concrete with water on it,protect your hardwood floor all the time.

◊Attractive Shape design:

  • Whole the dog stainless steel bowls having an cute bone shape and with two removable bowls,convenience for feeding for the same time,and easily to take out for picnic.

◊Easily clean mode:

  • The dog stainless steel bowls can be rinsed or wiped clean after every time use.It’s also use in dishwasher,save your time playing with your pets.

Specifications & Details:

Bowl: 1.5″height, 5.5″diameter

Silicone Mat: 17.7″length, 9.8″width

Package: 2 Bowls + Silicone Mat