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Gentle Vikings Beard Growth Grooming Kit, Beard Oil Balm/Butter/Wax Trimming Comb Kit, Gift Set for Beard Styling & Shaping, Gift Idea for Men, Husband, Faster and Him


Manufacturer by LOVATIC

Men’s Essentials Kit – beard oil and balm kit for men(Beard Comb•Beard Oil•Beard Balm)
Durable, long-lasting grooming essentials for use white traveling, at home , in gym bags, on the go and more, includes a sleek, reusable storage tin. Compact size is ideal for gym bags & Suitcases

Beard Oil 2 fl.oz. (60ml)
-For use on all beard/mustache type and textures
-Smooths and tames unruly facial hair
-Formulated with almond and jojoba oils

Beard Balm 1 oz. (30 g)
-For use on oil beard∕mustache type and textures
-Condition and styles unruly facial hair
-Formulated with jojoba oil, sheabutter and lanolin

Beard Comb
-Wooden design is gentle on hair without snags or static
-Help distribute beard oil and beard balm

Beard oil ingredient: Triticum Vulgare(wheat) Germ Oil, Olea European(Olive) Fruit Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Sweet Oil, Tocopherol and Sandalwood Oil
Direction of Beard Oil: For beard oil, apply to dry beard immediately after a hot shower. Rub 2-3 drops of oil between hands, brush hands along sides, front and bottom of beard, use comb to brush hairs into place as needed.

Beard balm ingredient:Beeswax ,Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sheabutter, Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Tocopherol, Lanolin, Sandalwood Oil.
Direction of Beard Balm: Using the back of your thumbnail extract a small portion of balm and warm by rubbing in the palms of your hands. Proceed to work the balm into the length of your beard, then comb or brush through for maximum hold, a tamed well nourished beard

Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Store in a cool dry place.

GET SERIOUS Stain, Odor & Pheromone Extractor – 1 32 Oz


Get Serious is a stain, odor and pheromone extractor that’s quick and easy to use. For serious “locked-on” stains you can microwave the bottle for 30 seconds and the stains simply melt away–odors are instantly and completely blotted out from below carpet padding! this cleaner extracts the pheromone (body scent) so that pets don’t re-mark. It never yellow and it removes the old yellowing left behind by other cleaners. Just squirt on, brush in and blot dry. Get Serious is non-toxic and bio-degradable–plus it’s enzyme free, so no mold or mildew will result from slow drying in cooler climates. It handles two times the amount of stains and odors as enzyme cleaners.



Manufactured by LOVATIC

These 5/8 dram glass sample ROLLER vials are great for sharing your favorite essential oils, easy to apply your oils or blends, and are great for travel for emergency or personal use. You can fit 10 in one of our GOT OILST?® Keychain/Travel Bags or you can add them to one of the 49 spots in our exclusive GOT OILS?® CD Travel Cases. These 5/8 Dram (2 ml) sample roller vials come with stainless steel roller balls and a black screw on cap

H2O Plus Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter, 8 Ounces


Manufactured by LOVATIC

Our super intensive moisture cream that provides ultimate hydration for dry, depleted skin is now available in a new, larger 8 oz size! Formerly known as Hydrating Body Butter (#388)

What bloggers are saying!Natural coconut and vegetable oils penetrate deeply while green tea and Paraguay Tea combine with vitamin C and E for nourishing protection. Leaves skin conditioned and restored.
Benefits:Natural coconut and vegetable oils penetrate deeply while green tea and Paraguay Tea combine with vitamin C and E for nourishing protection. Leaves skin conditioned and restored.
Usage: Use daily for soft, supple skin. Hydrating Body Butter is also recommended during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

Home Health Hairever I Cleansing Scalp Treatment, 8 Ounce


Manufactured by Lovatic

Natural Health Begins at Home. Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment. Deep Cleansing Formula. Unclogs Hair Follicles. Excellent for Men and Women. Paraben-Free. Hair concerns often start at the scalp when hair follicles become clogged by dried oils (Sebum), fatty acids and hair care product buildup. Hairever I Cleansing Scalp Treatment is a special blend of essential vitamins and emulsifying oils designed to unclog follicles by dissolving these damaging compounds and gently rinsing them away, thus reducing unwanted build-up at the scalp line and encouraging healthy hair. At Home Health, years of research on key ingredients have gone into creating truly effective personal care products based on traditional, natural ingredients. You can rely on Home Health to deliver the natural health products your family deserves.


iDash Pets Advanced Probiotics for Dogs and Cats Best Natural Powder Pet Probiotic Supplement – Relieves Dog Bad Breath, Constipation, Skin Allergies, Diarrhea- Aids Digestive Health – 6 oz

$24.00 $21.00
  • DRY POWDERS ARE MORE STABLE THAN LIQUIDS AND CHEWS – and will deliver more benefit to your pet’s GI tract as they contain healthy bacteria in their inactive state. The process of including probiotics in chews or treats often kills the living organisms and destroys the viability of the supplement.
  • OPTIMIZES DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Our proven advanced formula DELIVERS RESULTS! It relieves dog and cat diarrhea, loose stools, gas, irritable bowels & nausea as well as helps to improve & support overall digestion.
  • CHOOSE A PROBIOTIC WITH LESS THAN 6 STRAINS – Each strain competes for absorption and colonization in the gut. “Extra” strains will dilute the valuable strains and can render the valuable strains less effective. Our pet probiotic contains 5 vital pet-specific strains to strengthen & boost your pet’s immune system.
  • CONTAINS PREBIOTIC INULIN – to enhance the activity of natural probiotics and give the healthy bacteria “food” to eat so they attach and multiply in the gut, fortifying the immune system.
  • GUARANTEED BEST PROBIOTIC – Our tasteless, odorless powder is pet-invisible, does not require refrigeration and is made in the USA. If you don’t experience what you believe is an improvement in your pet’s health, contact us for a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Ivation All-In-One Makeup Kit in Highly Fashionable Red Leather-look Train Case


Manufactured by LOVATIC

Looks fabulous. And not just on skin.

All of these amazing beauty essentials fit perfectly in the train-style expandable case.
It is finished with a leather-look material in a deep, vibrant red and a bold snakeskin pattern.
The top also features a convenient carrying handle that wraps around two chrome brackets. These match the chrome brackets on the sides of the case that allow for the expanding and collapsing train function.
On the front of the case, a belt connects to a chrome loop that is held in place by a snap closure,
And the inside of the case top sports a 6-inch mirror (measured in diagonal) for easy makeup application.features

The upper tier

45 eye-catching shimmery and matte eye shadow colors,
6 double-sided foam-tipped applicators.

The middle tier holds

One blue and one brown pencil eyeliner,
One dark red lipstick and one brown lipstick,
12 lip colors, and one dark pink lip gloss and one rose lip gloss.

The middle tier holds

1 matte and 5 shimmery face colors,
2 cream cover ups,
One soft-bristled face brush.


Jotco 20 Gallon Long/Tall Tank Topper 30.5″ Long

$24.00 $21.00
  • Turns any 20 gallon long tank into a Pet Mansion!!
  • Dimensions are 30.5” x 13” x 18”
  • Suitable for Hamsters, Gerbils, Degus, Rats and other similar size pets.
  • All Jotco Tank Toppers come fully assembled with no extra steps. Just let down the ramp and set it on your tank!

KapscoMoto 3D Font Grill Keychain Chain Key Ring for Jeep Driver Enthusiast Automotive Laser Cut 304 Stainless Steel Keyring (Style-1)

$24.00 $21.00
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:Made Out Of 304-Grade Stainless Steel – Guaranteed to Never Fade, Rust, Bend or Break!
  • PRECISION LASER CUT DESIGN:With a brushed finish, Exquisite grinding process! 5 times grinding process!Smooth edges, never hang your pants or hands!
  • D-RING CONNECTOR:adds to the authenticity of our keychain. Like its real-life counterpart, the sturdy connector assembly has great load-bearing abilities to handle all your key-keeping needs.
  • FOREVER CLASSIC:The Perfect Gift or Accessory for Any Jeep Owner, Enthusiast; Perfect to Match Drivers’ Car Key.It Is More Easy to Separate Your Car and Home Key!The perfect gift for Jeep enthusiasts! Embody the Spirit of Freedom & Pride with Our Ultra-Detailed Key Chain for Jeep Owners & Enthusiasts!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We bring the highest quality available for our customers and strive in providing world class customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly issue you a FULL Refund. No Questions Asked!

KEXMY Cat Tick and Flea Collar – Cat Flea Treatment – 8 Months Flea Control and Protection for Cats – Adjustable & Waterproof Cat Collar – 100% Natural Essential Oils That Kill and Repel Fleas

$24.00 $21.00
  • CAPABLE FLEA KILLER: It is important that the flea collar that you are looking to buy for your cat must be effective firstly in getting rid of all the existing fleas problem. With the help of KEXMY flea collar, you can do away with all the persisting flea issues around your home within a few hours of having your cat wear it.
  • LONG – TIME PROTECTION: With the help of KEXMY cat flea collar, you can fight off fleas, ticks effectively and defend your pet from the development of fleas and ticks for a very long period of time. This can mean months without having to even contact the cat’s collar for any reason. As your feline wears the flea collar throughout the day, the protection provided against the fleas is long lasting and immediate.
  • SAFE BREAKAWAY FEATURE: This advanced tech help to avoid any potential strangulation concerns while wearing the collar. KEXMY flea tick treatment allows the kitty to escape sticky situations where it can get stuck on a pole, branch, or any pointed object while playing outdoors and thus will minimize choking risks.
  • NO MALICIOUS SMELL: This is a must-have requirement from our flea collar to have natural active ingredients that give your cat an eight-month guarantee against any sort of pest infiltration with being odor-free, chemical free and a long-time security.
  • RISK FREE: With a mission to give you and your cat more time together, KEXMY provides only natural ingredient-based products that developed based on scientific evidence. And we are giving you 100% money back guarantee if there is anything that makes you not comfortable of using the flea collar.

KEXMY Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs – Flea and Tick Prevention for Small, Medium or Large Dog – Waterproof Collar Flea Tick – 8 Month Protection Dog Flea and Tick Control

$24.00 $21.00
  • EFFICIENT FLEA AND TICK COLLAR: Repels and kills fleas and ticks keeping your dog COMFORTABLE for a 8-MONTH PERIOD! No more scratching and biting with the KEXMY Flea Collar for Dogs. This is the best method of flea and tick prevention for dogs and really makes a difference with your flea issue. This tick collar has no harsh odor. No need to go to the vet for the flea control when your puppy is itching.
  • SAFE FOR PETS AND HUMANS, WATERPROOF: The flea and tick collar is made of 100% natural Aromatherapy oils, essential and NON-TOXIC oils. Works great keeping the ticks, fleas, lice eggs or flea larvae off of your pet. No fleas on your dog and better yet no fleas on you! 8-MONTH PROTECTION with this WATERPROOF flea collar for puppies over 7 weeks old and for medium & large dogs.
  • EFFECTIVE: Especially when flea treatment for dogs no longer works due to resistant fleas or your dog is just sensitive to the pills or sprays. This product replaces the flea killer pills for dogs and is less messy than monthly tubes of liquids. The collar features a RESISTANT Defend and works great as a flea repellent for dogs.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Adjustable dog collar made of TPE plastic, works perfectly as a flea killer for dogs. It is a 25 inches collar, suitable as a small or large dog collar. Very easy to put it on your dog – just cut the redundant and you are set.
  • YOU CAN’T LOSE: We want to keep you and your best friend SAFE and COMFORTABLE. In the unlikely event that KEXMY Flea and Tick Collar is not right for you, we’ll promptly refund the money and you get to keep the product.