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Our daily life has a lot of things to do: working, studying, entertaining, cooking,..., but there are some little things that should not take much of our time. Convenience is the first attribution of all Lovatic products. We hope to partly contribute our effort to a better life by providing useful gadget to support you do things easier.
At Lovatic, we appreciate every feedback from customers and take our responsibility seriously to develop and upgrade our product. Our first goal is the satisfaction of valued customers. Because, we do not only want to take your money, but we also want to gain your trust.
As a thankfulness to our customers, each product is along with an useful and valued gift, so they can enjoy a combo at once. Moreover, there are always great promotions for customers who buy more or repurchase our products. Give us the chance to have you as our loyal customers.
Lovatic Anti Bark Collar
  • HUMANE , HARMLESS, EFFECTIVE: It is definitely not about shock and pain to train your furry friend. The progressive sound and vibration stimulus with 7 level sensitivity adjustment will help your dog understand that barking triggers the vibration and the beeping sound. Your dog is quickly and easily taught that it just need to stop barking in order to get rid of the irritating sound and vibration alike.
  •  INTELLIGENT CHIP AND UPGRADE DESIGN VERSION: Unlike cheaply made and not- working training collars, this great anti-bark collar has a tiny cpu built onto an single chip and put into electric devices to control how they function. Only your dog's sound combined with vibrations of sound will trigger the smart sensors which are not affected by other dogs' barking. The sleep mode allow the collar automatically stop working to SAVE BATTERY life when not in use.
  •  FLEXIBLE SIZE FOR YOUR FUR BABY: Whether your dog is a pug or a larger great Labrador, our no bark collars are designed for them. The bark control collar is ideal for small and medium sized dogs from 15lbs to 110lbs, but it also takes effect on the big buddies up to 150lbs. The adjustable length assures maximum comfort for your dogs whereas the sound and vibration stimuli will certainly get their attention.  
  •  WATERPROOF LED CLIP ON PET SAFETY LIGHT GIFT: Lovatic offers each purchase a Waterproof Spolit Dog Light which increases your dog's safety and visibility. It is designed with 3 flashing modes: fast, steady and slow; and battery included. The Bark Control Collar and the Spolit Light attached will be a perfect gift for your beloved dog.
Lovatic Jar Opener Bottle Opener
  • 4-IN-1 JAR OPENER: Ergonomic & non slip design with 4 different jar grips and inner rubber will give your hands the power to open any Jar lips just in squeeze. Easy tearing, pulling, turning and twisting for anything you crave. The large opener can instantly gauge any lid or cap size, place the appropriate opener size atop the food or drink container, twist and quickly release their factory sealing, without slipping or breakage.
  •  5-IN-1 BOTTLE OPENER: Can open lips for the bean cans, covers of the pickle bottles & caps of the sodas & soft drinks. Easily twist off screw caps with a simple twist. Clamp down on food seals to instantly remove pull tabs. The openers are extremely durable under any circumstance in your kitchen, compact design, come in beautiful black, grey and white colors and require very little storage space in cabinet.
  •  MUST HAVE ITEM IN THE KITCHEN: Unlike using the machine, you do not need to worry about battery or electricity. This unique set eliminates the need to use many potentially risky hacks like using a butter knife to break the seal or running the hot water over the lid. All you need is a simple twist. Moreover, an e-book with 30 ideal recipes with jar will be sent as our gratefulness for all valued customers.  
  •  GOOD KITCHENWARE FOR SENIORS, ELDERLY & ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS: This ingenious kitchen gadget makes a great living aid for seniors and arthritis sufferers or the elderly with low strength, weak hands. No need to ask for help with this convenient kitchen accessory. Provides the strength and leverage needed to open lids and jars effortlessly. Ideal gadgets for chef at home.
Premium Hands Free Dogs Leashes
  • RETRACTABLE & • HANDS FREE DOG LEASH -- Retractable leash for dogs without holding your leashes with dogs in hand, you now can feel free with Lovatic waist belt wearing while running, walking, hiking, jogging, training with your puppy. The leash meets all pet size, and perfect fit with medium to large dogs (up to 150 lbs), elastric to stretches up to 63".
  •  TRAFFIC&PADDED HANDLE TO STOP PULLING -- Yes, get more direct control and avoid pain for dogs with collar's handle with two conveinently placed handles, allow you to control your dog without breaking stride even with large dog. The dog leash can be retractable and adjustable easily. Beautiful leash in gray and blue color.
  •  DUAL BUNGEE LEASH LARGE DOG -- Absorbing all jerks and lunges from dogs up to 150 lbs. Dual bungee for shock absorption prevent muscle train and minimize injury risk for both you and your pets. The hands free pets dog leashes absolutely work for most of outdoor activity. Easy to connect with collar directly, strong enough prevent pulling, the best leash for runner with no extra effort to control your puppy.  
  •  THREE LINES REFLECTIVE STITCHING FOR TRAINING AND RUNNING AT NIGHT -- Designed with THREE seams of luminous reflective stitching that run the length of the leash and the 48" belt to insure you stay safe and visible on your late night run. Tough, durable and weather resistant to hold up against even the most active of large dogs. LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S GUARANTEED for any issue arising with the hands free leash for dogs!
Salt and Pepper Grinder Shakers
  • ELEGANT AND EFFECTIVE -- Simple, but clean and sleek, beautiful to leave out on the counter; nice to be able to see the spices inside with glass body. These mills store a lot of salt and pepper. The mechanisms work effortlessly, cermic burr grinder can hanlde the peppercorns professionally. The set are easy to keep clean, and dishwasher safe. Dont wait to possess the best set of salt and pepper grinders in your kitchen!
  •  EASY TO USE -- Don't you hate constantly having to refill your salt and pepper shakers? This tall salt and pepper grinder set (7.5" tall by 2.5" wide) is the perfect size to cut down on constant refills without being bulky. When you do have to refill, the clear glass bodies will let you know when it's time! The stainless steel top easily screws off revealing a wide opening for easy and mess free refills.
  •  HOW THEY WORK -- Adjustable grinding settings for larger or smaller pieces. Unscrew cap from glass base, fill glass blobes with spices, screw cap back onto glass base, turn grinder over and twist. To adjust the level of granule coareness, simply remove grinder cover and twist the centre black knob clockwise for a finer grind and counter clockwise for a more coarse grind.  
  •  SERVING ALL CUISINE LOVERS -- The Manual Salt & Pepper Grinders are developed with a super smooth, easy grip stainless steel grinder that won’t leave messy, powdery residue after use. Don't worry about mass on your table or old spices that will ruin your stew. The modern design come with cover top lids -just put those with the grinder side up on counter table & the top keeps dust out and YOUR SPICES STAY FRESH!
Lovatic Right Angle Template Tool
  • PREMIUM QUALITY ANGLE-IZER: The tool is made of fiberglass-filled nylon - a ABS plastic which fits with any job and industry without damaging work surface. The Iron with Chrome Plated Knob & Bolts ensure the precision and security for your projects rather than plastic ones. These components help the tool extremely strong and durable. The metric and inch scaling on each arm has been laser engraved to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of professional on-site conditions.
  •  PERFECT ANGLE CUTS EVERYTIME: Place the Right Angle Template Tool on your work area, easily measure any desired angle or shape accurately by tightening or loosening the 4 wing nuts. No need to waste your time on calculating, measuring and template making, LOVATIC Right Angle Template Tool takes away all the guess work, eliminates tedious, repetitive measurements and wasted materials made from inaccurate cuts, and gives you precise and accurate angle measurements.
  •  ENDLESS APPLICATION: In tile, brick, stone, lumber, laminate and flooring so forth, the angle-izer template tool is to create right layout design. Easy use the Angle Finder Tool for Paver Bricks, Floor Tiling and Wall Tiling, Laminate Flooring, Decking and Carpentry, Dentil Coursing Brickwork, Spacing and Gauging, Birds Mouth, Plumb Cuts and Seat Cuts on Roof Joists. This Angle Ruler is a must - have for any toolbox of Handymen, Builders, Craftsmen, Weekend Warriors, and DIY-ers.
  •  LUXURY CARRY BAG: With Lovatic Carry Bag, you can take the ultimate template tool on, then going to any job site. The Angle-izer folds for easy storage and utilizes a unique tightening mechanism for one-handed operation. Portable and lightweight.
My mom is over 60 and has arthritis in her hands. She also lives by herself. I got her this jar opener to hopefully help her out. She loves it! She said she was able to open every size jar she tried so far. She said she barely had to use any effort at all. She even loves the pop top puller. It hurts her fingers to pull the tabs, but now she doesn't have to worry. I'm grateful this product worked out so well!
Received the collar on Sat and put it on my dog Sat morning the collar does what it's advertised, she might bark once or twice and the collar sends out a beep tone and then vibrates for a couple sec and she stops barking. My dog can be in the yard all day and might bark a few times during the day. Collar works great, I would recommend it .
I love my salt and pepper grinders! I have only had them for a day, but had company over for dinner and we all enjoyed using the set. I love the fact you can adjust the grinding size. They are easy to use and look so nice on the table. Great quality. I look forward to using them everyday!
Feel like walking or jogging with your dog this is a hands free leash. It has a bungee cord leash so the dog can run freely with you. This leash is good for medium size dogs about 45 pounds all the way up to a large dog. Good stitching on it, durable should last a long time. Comes with a bag to collect feces with extra bags.
Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot
Does the Anti bark collar work in the rain?
This collar is not waterproof, so it cannot work in the rain, but the Led Clip Gift is waterproof.
Does the Anti bark collar work for dogs' whining /crying?
The main function of our collar is used for barking. However, it may work depending on the noise level of the whining or crying. You can try it for your dog.
How many ounces of salt can this hold?
This size is about 6 oz.
What do I do if peppercorns get stuck in the grinder?
In this case, please open the lid on top, then twist the black knob counter clockwise to take out peppercorn got stuck. After that, you can use the utility brush gift to make the grinder clean then assemble the black knob to restart.
Can you walk 2 dogs with the Hands Free Dog Leash?
Our Hands Free Dog Leash has 2 D link allow you walk with 2 dog at the same time.
What is the maximum size for the waist belt?
The Lovatic Hands Free Dog Leash is very easy to adjust between sizes. The best ones we recommend is 26 inch to 42 inch waist sizes.
What does the head of the bolt look like? Is there a slot for a screwdriver?
The bolts are wingnuts, you can easily tighten and loosen them by hand. Metal knobs and bolts ensure the precision than the plastic ones are the measurement marks printed.
What is the largest size of jar that the opener can open?
The largest diameter is approximately 2.7" but can be opened a bit wider to accommodate a larger lid.
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